Premiere aural catharsis and designer sophistry for psyberpunk scumfucks and other miscellaneous bottom-feeding occultural scenesters.

We are the meme-bearers and maintainers of https://zenseiderz.org/ sometimes referred to as the Theriomorphic current. We embody a global artists collective whose meme-bearers are scattered across several continents and throughout multiple dimensions of reality within the chrono-spatial vacuutinuum known as multiverse. And, as our dear Frater Solomon has expressed in prosaic line-breaks of consciousness many times in the past:

"We are a figment of the Internet we do not actually exist."

We're here to support our work. We wanna be able to fund all our current hosting needs as well as the needs of projects not yet in progress. We want to work on more music, to travel more, to learn more, to eat more, to dream more, and to collaborate with other artists.

We need your help to manifest these objectives.

Our products are made-up of simple, humble, universally-styled, and extremely well-constructed articles of everyday casualwear designed for the discerning meme and their loved ones to express their support of our endeavors; and, you are investors furthering the work we can accomplish with our continued contributions to art, musick, and magick. We vow to always keep things interesting and attempt to look good in the process.

If you have any questions or input you will find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to e-mail us, or hit us up on Facebook messenger, or through direct message on Instagram.

The Society of the Octarine Siblinghood

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